Chamber Music – a conversation between friends

Musica Viva announces Queensland program for 2009

Chamber music is an inherently intimate form of music – a conversation between friends, between the performers, and most importantly, between musicians and their audiences.

You are invited to keep the dialogue alive by joining Musica Viva’s 2010 International Concert Season. Enjoy some unexpected, brilliant new conversations with artists visiting Australia for the first time, and resume old conversations, briefly interrupted, with musicians making a welcome return.

From the fabulously rich history of Moscow to the cloistered halls of Cambridge, from Paris to Prague and Berlin to London, the inspiring musicians of the 2010 season delve into the great music of the past and the inspirational pinnacles of our own time.

Our artists are invariably excited about touring Australia. “There’s something about Australia that’s unique… something about the enjoyment that you sense the audience has for the music. It really gives you something special as a performer, an extra reason to give more,” says British pianist Paul Lewis.

Our artists for 2010 have an overwhelming passion for music and performing that is immediately tangible. “This is not just our job. This is our life…” says violinist Pavel Nikl of the Pavel Haas Quartet. The artists breathe, eat, drink and travel together – and some even live together. Toughened through the ordeals of endless international travel and honed on the stages of the world’s most prestigious concert halls, their relationships are the material embodiment of the respect and trust that can be heard radiating from their music.

Join us for an unforgettable journey in 2010 through magical, intimate performances of inspiration and joy by purchasing a subscription, available now from as little as $45 for a student 3 concert subscription, up to $299 for an adult A reserve Gold five concert subscription.

For a brochure, sampler CD or to purchase a subscription, phone 1800 688 482 or go to


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